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Wear-N-Write was born out of a need for a more convenient way to take notes on-the-go. Our founder, a busy entrepreneur, was tired of fumbling with notebooks and losing important ideas. After a lot of research and development, Wear-N-Write was created - a lightweight, wearable writing tablet that you can take with you anywhere.



MW Tools, Inc.
​We believe that everyone should have access to a tool that helps them capture their ideas, no matter where they are. Our team is passionate about creating innovative products that make a difference in people's lives. We're excited to launch Wear-N-Write and share it with the world! If you have a product idea and need help making it a reality contact us for assistance. 

Notepad for your wrist

"Someone put a lot of time into making this I love it! I like this because the dry erase writing board is a sturdy flat surface and I can easily write and erase my notes. As soon as I put it on, it felt comfortable. I like the way the pen is held on the frame and is not hard to put in or pull out. I have a big wrist and it fits well, but the adjustable strap can fit all sizes. As soon as I put it on everything felt comfortable. The quality is good and its a good value. Thank you for inventing Wear-N-Write!" Review - August, 2023

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