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Welcome Wear-N-write!
Home of the innovative wearable dry erase writing tablet.

Wearnwrite is dry erase notepad for your wrist. It's a lightweight (2.3 oz) and compact (2.25" x 3.25") dry erase tablet you can wear on your wrist. It is a game-changer for your productivity. The notepad with its dry erase pen holder attaches to your wrist with a comfortable adjustable Velcro elastic wristband, which fits most arm sizes and even over sleeves. The kit includes a dry erase pen with eraser, making it easy to jot down and then erase notes or ideas wherever you go. Whether you're a busy contractor, teacher, therapist, student, or just about anyone who loves to stay organized, Wear-N-Write is the perfect tool for you.

Wearable Notepad Dry Erase
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Wear-N-Write is a dry erase board that you wear on your wrist. With a comfortable elastic wristband you can adjust it to fit any size wrist or forearm. The set includes a medium point, low odor, non-toxic, long lasting, black, whiteboard marker. For your ease and convenience, the marker's cap also includes a built-in eraser. And with the exclusive Never-Lose-Clip, your dry erase pen and eraser will always be handy and available as it is attached right to your white board. The bright, vivid, non-toxic ink is quick-drying, and provides consistent color quality. Wear-N-Write is the world’s first and only wearable whiteboard for busy people on the go!


Wear-N-Write, is perfect for: 


  • Contractors and tradesmen to quickly record measurements and dimensions.

  • Nurses and EMT’s to record vital signs and make quick notes of times and medicine amounts - and communicate with patients.

  • Pilots to jot down weather, runway, and departure & arrival information. (Great addition to your knee board.)

  • Drivers to quickly capture notes and directions.

  • Retail workers to make notes of customer telephone numbers. No more taking notes on your hand.

  • Teachers who need to make a quick reminder or create fun games for children.

  • Surveyors, warehouse managers, customer service reps, order takers, etc.

  • It is also great around the house while doing chores.

Wear-N-Write is Eco friendly! Never again do you need to waste a piece of paper just to write down a one-time website, email, or phone number. The low odor fast drying pen is non-toxic and won’t smear once dry. Wear-N-Write is Convenient! With Wear-N-Write your notepad, pen, and eraser are always handy and right on your wrist. The large 3.25” by 2.25” writing area is big enough to take down a phone number, email address, and website URL all at once. Also great for jotting down reminders for your calendar. Wear-N-Write is Comfortable! The adjustable elastic wristband combined with the soft rubber frame, will fit all size wrists for all day comfort.Makes a great contractor, teacher, nurse, or pilot gift....Order yours now!




Warning: The pen contains small parts, and children using the product should be monitored at all times to prevent injury. Download instruction sheet.

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